Available for pre-order. Delivery August 2024.


Our Christmas collection unites
the enchantment of nature with
the warmth of winter family

Classic Gold

Celebrate the holiday season
with pieces that blend classic
gold splendor and dazzling
elegance, creating an
unforgettable Christmas

Timeless Memories

Rediscover the charm of traditional
Christmas, evoking childhood
memories and timeless holiday magic.

Available for pre-order. Delivery August 2024.

Autumnal Soul

Invite the essence of Autumn into your
home with rustic charm and nature
inspired decor. Embrace earthy hues, soft
textures, and cozy accents that echo the
serene beauty of Fall.

Moody Reverie

A tapestry of cozy elegance with a
captivating blend of rich hues, soft
textures and comforting details,
creating an inviting ambiance, perfect
for moments of relaxation and

Raw Beauty

Indulge in the raw beauty of nature with
simplicity and elegance. Soft beige tones,
organic textures and minimalist design,
effortlessly merge to create a modern,
ature-inspired sanctuary.

Sophisticated Browns

Elevate your space with timeless allure,
embracing the depth and poise
through the richness of various brown
tones, creating an ambiance that
exudes both
warmth and sophistication.

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